Recycooler, alternative to polystyrene coolers

Recycooler is fun to use and environmentally friendly.

Having fought with traditional polystyrene coolers for many years taking picnic lunches to Lake Lanier, Lake Allatoona, and other lovely places around Atlanta, I was tired of breaking and replacing the inexpensive but frustrating coolers.  I was anxious to try the recycooler. 

For me, the biggest inconvenience is the lack of durability of polystyrene coolers.  They break easily and get thrown away which is not good for the environment.  The recycooler looks like cardboard but is so much more.  It is extremely sturdy with a flat top for easy stacking.  It is made from a minimum of 60 percent post consumer waste and is 100 percent recyclable.

Side by side experiments revealed that the recyooler works as well or better than a similar size polystyrene cooler.  The real test was taking it on multiple outings.  It performed beautifully and did not break.  The seam around the lid came loose after a number of uses due to getting wet and the lid would not close properly.  Repair was made with E-6000 which is durable waterproof glue.  No further incidents occurred and the recycooler still works as it should.

“Coolers” can also be used to keep foods warm while traveling to traditional southern potluck dinners around Atlanta and you can bet that this recycooler will get lots of use year round.  Simply wrap the hot dish in aluminum foil, place it in the recycooler, cover loosely with a terrycloth towel, and close the lid.

I give the recycooler five stars for overall performance.  It comes in several sizes and can be purchased at many food stores including Whole Foods.

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