Bach Rescue Remedy for stress relief

Bach Rescue Remedy is made from all natural ingredients.

Atlanta can be a stressful place at times.  Rush hour traffic around metro Atlanta is enough to make anyone anxious and stressed.  There is a little-known product that can help.  Advertised as “Yoga in a bottle.”™ by Nelson Bach, Rescue Remedy is just that.

Made from all natural ingredients, this is a very gentle product.  It doesn’t hit you like a brick, but subtly melts away your stress and anxiety in just a few minutes.  This is an amazing product!  Having used it for years and recommended it to countless other people, there just aren’t enough good things to say about it.  This product should be in every medicine cabinet.

Rescue Remedy has always been intended for human use, however many humans were first introduced to it through their veterinarians and animal friends.  It has been an invaluable aid for calming stressed, anxious animals going on long trips to be shown and for short trips to the vet.  It works for all types of animals.  You can simply drip it into their mouths or, for long-term relief, add it to their water.

A few years ago, Rescue Remedy was only available at select stores around Atlanta.  Now it can be found at most Walgreens and CVS pharmacies all over metro Atlanta.  Rescue Remedy was originally available in the dropper bottle.  Now it is also available in pastilles (lozenges) and spray.  Many people do not care for the taste and, a very easy solution is to put four drops into a small amount of liquid and drink it down.  Some people put the four drops into a tall glass of their favorite iced drink and that also has an added de-stressing benefit for them.  Dosing can be repeated as needed.

The pastilles are convenient to carry with you.  They have a mild taste and silky-smooth texture as they melt in your mouth.  The spray is convenient for travel and one spray has the same effect as four drops of liquid.  Very few side effects have been reported and, according to LiveStrong, side effects that were reported could have been due to other factors.  If you are on any medications, it is always advisable to check with your doctor before using any homeopathic remedy.

This product gets *****five stars for continued performance.  Anyone who feels stressed or anxious could benefit from Bach Rescue Remedy.

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