Recycooler, alternative to polystyrene coolers

Recycooler is fun to use and environmentally friendly.

Having fought with traditional polystyrene coolers for many years taking picnic lunches to Lake Lanier, Lake Allatoona, and other lovely places around Atlanta, I was tired of breaking and replacing the inexpensive but frustrating coolers.  I was anxious to try the recycooler.  Continue reading

Doing Virtuous Business by Theodore Malloch

Being a huge fan of Chick-fil-A and Truett Cathy’s faith-based business model, I was curious about Malloch’s thoughts on how other virtuous businesses sustain.  His compilation and explanation of how faith-based businesses work and thrive was enlightening.  The behind-the-scenes working models were educational. Continue reading

Favorite recipes using organic eggs

Scrambled eggs with vegetables is a good choice when you're busy but want a nourishing meal.

If you don’t do much cooking with eggs as the main ingredient, now is a great time to experiment with recipes using versatile eggs.  During Georgia Egg Month, Atlantans are busy cooking tasty meals using eggs.  The entire month of May is a great time to get cooking and discover some new ways to use organic eggs that will become your favorites. Continue reading

Versatile sofrito makes flavorful cooking easy

Homemade chicken and cheese burritos are more flavorful with the addition of sofrito.

The number of Mexican restaurants around metro Atlanta is proof that Atlantans love good Mexican cuisine.  Many people believe that good Mexican and Latin cooking is too difficult and time consuming to prepare and they choose to eat out rather than cook at home. Continue reading

By special request: easy recipes that use mint

Chopped fresh mint adds special flavor to many foods.

Many people requested recipes using fresh mint.  After the article, “How to deal with pesky mint in your yard” was posted, more people appreciate mint.  Experiment with mint and you will find lots of ways to use it.  Use organic ingredients whenever you can.  Here are some favorite recipes: Continue reading

How to deal with pesky mint in your yard

Mint is truly southern.  The mere utterance of the words “Mint Julep” brings to mind Atlantans sitting on their front porches, enjoying the shade, and sipping on glorious concoctions made from beloved mint.  However, there are many people who cringe at the mention of mint Continue reading

Bach Rescue Remedy for stress relief

Bach Rescue Remedy is made from all natural ingredients.

Atlanta can be a stressful place at times.  Rush hour traffic around metro Atlanta is enough to make anyone anxious and stressed.  There is a little-known product that can help.  Advertised as “Yoga in a bottle.”™ by Nelson Bach, Rescue Remedy is just that. Continue reading

Tingle your taste buds with basil

A basil sprig made a simple and tasty garnish for this quick lunch.

The star performer in much of my cooking is basil.  It is a favorite of mine because it refuses to let even the heaviest sauce overpower it.  The most commonly available variety is Sweet basil (Ocinum basilicum) and its flavor is described by some people as a Continue reading